15Jun 2022

(2022) (2022) Tips for Writing a Bookkeeping Engagement Letter (W/ Template)

The main reason bookkeepers issue an engagement letter is to reduce confusion surrounding the terms of the arrangement. In fact, the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy states that most, if not all, of complaints filed against accountants result from communication breakdowns.

15Jun 2022

(2022) Tax vs Audit: Which One for Your Business?

Audit vs tax accounting is a tricky decision your business needs to make, which is why we’ve laid out different factors to help you understand the details of each field.

09Jun 2022

(2022) What's the Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting

Both sets of experts are critical in developing effective controls and properly tracking business growth. Finding a qualified accountant is often easier than finding the right bookkeeper. However, bookkeeping with SynkBooks makes the decision simple with their team of experts ready to tackle your bookkeeping needs.

24May 2022

(2022) Is Bookkeeping Hard?

Proper bookkeeping requires you to engage with employees to record transactions on company credit cards and track reimbursed expenses.

18May 2022

(2022) Why Do I Owe Money on My Tax Return

Why Do I Owe Money on My Tax Return

21Apr 2022

(2022) Automated Bookkeeping Tools & Best Practices

Automated Bookkeeping Tools & Best Practices

17Apr 2022

(2022) Bookkeeping Checklist & Task List to Complete for Every Business

Bookkeeping Checklist & Task List

11Apr 2022

(2022) Outsourced Bookkeeping: Insider Guide, Best Practices & Benefits

Outsourced Bookkeeping

15Mar 2022

What is the March 15th deadline for S-Corporations and Partnerships?

March 15th S-Corporations and Partnerships Form 1065

23Nov 2021

AB 150 Pass-through entity (PTE) elective tax

Pass-through entity (PTE) elective tax

20Nov 2021

Small Business Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and tax preparation information

11Jan 2021

Thinking of applying for a PPP or an EIDL loan? Check out these guides to help you understand some of your options.

PPP and EIDL loan tips

07May 2020

SynkBooks presents: "Questions and Answers for common small business legal questions"

Legal tips for small businesses.

04May 2020

Opening back up for business after Covid.

Ideas for business owners as they open back up.

29Apr 2020

Do I need bookkeeping software?

SynkBooks disrupting the bookkeeping world.

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