Want to take SynkBooks for a spin? Try our sandbox environment.

What is the sandbox environment? The sandbox environment is a place where you can test out our SynkBooks bookkeeping software without entering your actual bank information. You will still need to sign up with your email, but during onboarding you can use the mock username and password. It’s a neat feature in case you aren’t ready for the free trial. If you want to really test out our product for the free two-week trial please go here.

Demo Site

Step 1

Sign up with your email (Account type Client for small businesses and Account Manager for bookkeepers.)

Step 2

Verify your email

Step 3

Choose a Form Type

Step 4

Choose a Business Type

Step 5

Link any bank account (doesn’t matter which bank) with the mock date provided at the bottom of the screen - Username: user_good - Password: pass_good

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